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      One cup to the dead already.Sandy, Larry and Dick shook their heads, looking hopeful.

      Chapter 8

      T. Lingray, junior, 1,500, and made usher at the Castle.Also he was in love with the wife of a man he liked and respectedand who trusted him. Yet in spite of that, he had come nearso near that it made him cold to think about itto following in the way of many frontiersmen and marrying a Mexican. It had been when he had first learned that Felipa Landor had gone East for two years; and the Mexican had been very young and very pretty, also very bad.

      Felipa nodded. "A very little," she said.

      Charles was anxious to follow up his victory by marching directly into England, trusting to the effect of this signal triumph to bring all inclined to the Stuart dynasty to his standard. He was confident that if he met with anything like success on the way, a rapid march would put London in his possession. And, in truth, such was the miserably misgoverned condition of the country at the time, that, had he come with a tolerable French army, nothing could have prevented him from becoming master of the kingdom. Never was England so thoroughly exposed to foreign danger, so utterly unarmed and unprotected,[98] whilst it had been sending such armaments to the Continent. Fortunately, the French had not supported the Pretender on this occasion, as they had promised, and fortunately, too, when Charles came to review the army with which he proposed to enter England, there remained of it only one thousand four hundred men. The rest had gone home with their booty; nay, some had gone and were returning, not to fight, but to carry off more which they had concealed.


      Thats good, Larry remarked. Now the coast will be clear, the ghost can walk, and I will be with my trusty comrades to trip him up.The confederate on the yacht was to secure the gems, somehow, and they must have had a radio somewhere to get messages, Larry was beginning to see daylight and to concur with Sandys opinions.


      And Foster answered him that there would be thirty or forty.


      Hands off! Ill take over! Jeff said tardily.Then she tried to read, but the whisper of savagery was in the loneliness and the night. She sat with the book open in her lap, staring into a shadowy corner where there leaned an Indian lance, surmounted by a war bonnet. Presently she stood up, and stretched her limbs slowly, as a beast of prey does when it shakes off the lethargy of the day and wakens for the darkness. Then she went out to the back of the tents.